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AGUIMA SHOES we are a footwear importer that offers a wide range of Brazilian brands for ladies, gentlemen and children, managing to cover all the needs of our clients in fashion, design, elegance, style and comfort. Providing shoes for all occasions and of guaranteed excellent quality.

AGUIMA SHOES CIA. LTDA is a family business that has been in the market for the import and sale of footwear for 23 years. Distributing brands such as: Beira Rio Conforto, Moleca, Vizzano, Modare Ultraconforto, Molekinha y Molekinho.

Be the largest company in the country in import of Brazilian footwear for ladies, gentlemen and children, with national recognition as the best in quality and designs. Maintaining our standards of quality, honesty and punctuality for our wholesale clients, and thus become the main footwear distributor of Ecuador and the United States

Leading the market with the best Brazilian footwear in fashion, comfort and exclusive design, that meets the needs and expectations of ladies, gentlemen and children; providing our customers with quality and the best purchase options with a good service. Maintaining honesty, competitive prices and punctuality in the delivery of our products.



The Beira Rio Confort offers a variety of models to meet the needs of real women who play multiple roles on a day-to-day basis. In tune with the best of the streets and walkways of the world, the Beira Rio Confort is dedicated to serving the desires of real women. Therefore, it is synonymous with easy fashion, with models that accompany the female routine in its most different occasions. In the list of accurate bets of the brand, versatility is the key word – with noble space for the hottest trends of the moment.


Vizzano celebrates the style and sophistication of women with a striking personality. With models that unite the best of fashion with unique quality and design, it offers comfort on all occasions.

To each new collection, all the details are specially designed to highlight the beauty and strengthen the feminine attitude.

The inspirations of the brand walk between cuts and soft lines of the classics, modern models, fashion colors and a lot of glamor.

All this always aligned with the trends that are successful on the catwalks of the world.


Health, fashion and wellness for all occasions. A Modare UltraConforto combines the desired urban style with the female day to day.

To leave women’s lives with an extra dose of beauty and health, the recipe for Modare Ultraconforto is special: combine the trends of the moment with the comfort technologies that make all the difference!

The result? A versatile fashion and in tune with the routine of those who know that well-being is essential to feel beautiful and wear every day!


La Moleca delights in the feet of the most varied profiles of women, showing the joviality and dynamism at any age. Moleca absorbs and interprets, as nobody else, the feminine conquests, with differentiated products for each consumer, making them very special. Unusual colors and tones arise in fringed models with palettes, which gain a refreshing air, without losing the brightness. Retro prints and winged elements give an extra touch of fashion personality. The shoes, synonymous with comfort and intelligent fashion – registered trademark of Moleca, star in stylish and casual versions, become powerful allies when it comes to finalizing the feminine look of everyday life, placing the feminine feet in total evidence.


Children’s fashion is fun and creative, guaranteeing comfort, flexibility and softness. Molekinha shoes are developed with technology and love.
Fashion is being a child! From Molekinha on the feet, being a fashionista transforms into a sweet joke – and with the right to a generous dose of fun! In the style of the most advanced girls, the brand shows novelties in tune with the children’s universe and is a specialist in lookinhos full of attitude!


When the subject is style, the children know very well what they want!
In the company of a Molekinho, it’s always time to play, run and jump around – and the best: comfortably enough! With a touch of fun, the models of the brand are made of flexible materials and have a versatile color booklet – all thought out with love to accompany the children at all times: from school activities to parquinho with friends. Ready to live high adventures with us?